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it was hard on people losing their savings. some killed themselves dgjhgjdfbghjgfgb

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Q: What effect did the closing banks have on the people during the great depression?
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What important effect did swing music have on the people of the U.S. during the Depression?

it encourage people to use songs as a means of promoting patriotism

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Some of the effects are having people employed during the great depression era and people loved it. Another effect, that's bad are the people who lost their lives and homes.

How many people where Homless people during the Great Depression?

How many people were homeless during the Great Depression? Between one and two million people.

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homeless people during the great depression Over 1,200 people were homelss.

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What group of people did not do well economically speaking during the great depression?

Farmers were not doing good during the Great Depression.

How did unemployment during the great depression effect everyday life?

people got laid off of their jobs, people were starving, millions of banks closed so workers didn't have jobs, and so on

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They did not have dessert

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During the great depression people smelled tar paper from what they built when they became homeless and they smelled many cars that passed by.