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direct current

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Q: What electric current is produced when a spinning shaft rotates magnets inside a generator?
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Electric current is produced when a spinning shaft rotates magnets inside a generator?

The process in which electric current is produced when a spinning shaft rotates magnets inside a generator is referred to as 'Direct Current'. It is not expected to work by the normal standard physics model however some people claim it is just.

How can you increase the amount of electric current produce by generator?

To increase the amount of electric current produced by a generator, you can increase the rotational speed of the generator, increase the strength of the magnetic field within the generator, or increase the number of turns in the generator coils. These methods will result in a higher induced voltage and therefore a higher electric current output.

What is a device that changes motion into electricity using magnets and spinning coils of wire?

That would be an electric generator. They are also called dynamos. An alternator is a type of generator that makes alternating current.

How do you store the 30 volts produced from spinning an electric motor?

A motor can be connected up to a car battery to store the power produced when it runs as a generator, but you will find that when current is drawn the motor needs more work to spin it, it will not spin so easily. That is because of conservation of energy.

How is a generator and a electromagnet alike?

Both a generator and an electromagnet involve the use of coils of wire with an electric current flowing through them. In a generator, the motion of the coil creates an electric current, while in an electromagnet, the electric current produces a magnetic field.

Controls the flow of electric current?

a generator

What is the electricity from a simple generator?

Electricity from a simple generator is produced through the principle of electromagnetic induction. When a conductor, such as a wire coil, moves through a magnetic field, it generates an electric current. This current can then be harnessed to power electrical devices.

Why does a generator work?

When a conductive loop is moved through a magnetic field, an electric current is produced in the wire loop. This is the basis of electrical generators.

What causes an alternating current in a generator?

The spinning magnet in generators.

Does an electric generator motion produces magnetism or power or electricity?

An electric generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. When the generator's motion rotates the magnetic field around conductive coils, it induces a flow of electrons, creating an electric current. This current is the electricity produced by the generator.

In a modern coal fired electric plant the mechanical energy of turbines is tranformed into electrical energy by?

The mechanical energy of turbines in a modern coal-fired electric plant is transformed into electrical energy by spinning a generator. The generator works by using the rotating motion to induce an electric current in coils of wire, in accordance with Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. This current is then converted into usable electrical energy that can be distributed to power grids.

How you can store electric current which is produced from ac generator?

First ac has to be rectified into dc and then that could be stored in a secondary cell in the form of chemical energy.