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The answer is

B) passage of the intolerable acts.

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Q: What event convinced South Carolina to send representatives to the First Continental Congress?
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A meeting of representatives from all of the colonies?

The generic term was Congress which was subsequently used for the legislative body of the US.

What was the previous name of the Continental Congress?

I believe there was no previous name, the Continental Congress was representatives from the governing boards of each British colony.

What did representatives at the first continental congress to do?

boycott all british goods

How many representatives did the New York send to the Continental Congress?

9 of them.

Representatives of the second continental congress voted for this on July 4 1776?


Representatives of the second continental congress voted on this on July 4 1776?


Which colony did not send representatives to the first continental congress why?

Georgia. reasons unknown

What were the names of the South Carolina delegates in the Second Continental Congress?


Who was the North Carolina delegate of the second continental congress?

Samuel Adams

What are the divisions within the Second Continental Congress?

Congress is divided into the House of Representatives and the Senate.

What was formed by the representatives of 12 of 13 colonies?

Because the questions uses the word "colonies," I'm assuming that you mean the Continental Congress.

What southern most colony represented at the second continental congress?

South Carolina