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the Kansas Nebraska Act and the dread Scott decision caused violence and anger that caught Abraham Lincoln's attention.

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Q: What events led Abraham Lincoln to speak out against slavery?
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What was Abraham Lincoln important people or events?

he stop slavery yes

What are some events about Abraham Lincoln?

He abolished slavery and kept the country together. He told people that slavery did not fit with the ideas of the Declaration Of Independence.

What are some important events that molded Abraham Lincoln's character?

his step mother because she encouraged him to read.

What events surrounded Abraham Lincoln death?

my mama

What were the MAIN events that Abraham Lincoln did?

became presidents

What important events happened in the teen years of Abraham Lincoln?


What events happened while Abraham Lincoln was in office?

Lincoln hadd his great speech and every kid in the united statyes has to memorize it This person doesnt know how to spell sadly :3 Abe lincoln ended slavery and improved the us strength O_O

Trace the events that led to Lincoln's assassination?

The events leading up to the Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln "There are men who want to take my life. And I have no doubt they will do it.

What events happened during civil war?

they elected abraham lincoln as president

What event changed the slavery crisis into a civil war?

Well, there were multiple events, but one of the most significant events that caused the succession was the election of Abraham Lincoln (1860), but the war didn't actually begin until the Confederacy bombarded Fort Sumter.

What were some of the events of the times that affected Abraham Lincoln's life?

the some of the events were...civil warslosing the debatesdeath of his sons

What were 2 major events in Abraham Lincoln's life?

gettysburg address, and getting shot