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They aimed to reform child labor, workplace conditions, education, and government.

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Q: What fields did progressives aim to reform?
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What fields did progressive aim reform?

They aimed to reform child labor, workplace conditions, education, and government.

What areas did Progressives think were in need or greatest reform?

Progressives wanted to reform politics and government, labor and workplace conditions, urban poverty, child labor and education.

What did Progressives generally believe there should be?

Progressives wanted economic reform, and a more liberal social environment.

What reform did progressives target at the federal level?

Progressives pushed for the direct election of senators by all state voters.

What were some areas of reform that the Progressives targeted?

America, newyork city

Most progressives believed that the nation needed what?

political and economic reform

What was the goal of the American progressives?

The progressives believed in social justice, reform, and modernism. It was not the goal of this group to go back to traditional ideas.

How did muckrakers and other progressives reform American society?

They were a groupl of people who wanted to reform life for farmers and poor people.-

What major political reform did progressives hope to achieve?

Efficient and Effective Government

Which trend caused Progressives to work for urban reform in the late 19th centurey?

he rapid growth of cities

What has the author Sol Cohen written?

Sol Cohen has written: 'Progressives and urban school reform: the Public Education Association, of New York City, 1895-1954' 'Progressives and urban school reform' -- subject(s): Public Education Association of the City of New York

How did progressives try to reform society?

Progressives of the late 19th and early 20th centuries worked to improve working conditions as well as regulate child labor. Additionally, Progressives embraced modern technology and fought against corruption in American politics.