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The communities of early Colorado were communal in nature. They had most things in common and shared what they hunted and grew.

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Q: What form did early farming communities take in Colorado to survive?
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What did early farming communities need a source of?


What was an advantage most early farming communities had over nomadic communities?

Availability of permanent shelter...

What three industries helped early settlers build communities in the Atlantic region?

Fishing, farming, forestry and mining.

How did many early cultures get food to survive?

by screwing ducks

What year did early farming communities develop in ancient Egypt?

They developed around 6000-7000 Bc.

How did Uruk differ from from early farming communities?

Uruk was an advanced urban civilization in ancient Mesopotamia characterized by a highly centralized form of governance, specialized labor, monumental architecture, and extensive trade networks. In contrast, early farming communities were smaller, less hierarchical, and primarily focused on subsistence agriculture to support their populations. Uruk also exhibited greater complexity in social organization and cultural achievements compared to early farming communities.

Why were the people in early farming communities able to focus on different kinds of work?

The shift to farming allowed for a more reliable food source, which freed up time for people to explore different tasks beyond just hunting and gathering. With surplus food production, individuals could specialize in various crafts or trades, leading to the development of a more diverse range of skills in early farming communities.

What geographic region would best suit early farming communities?

Geographic regions with fertile soil, access to water sources for irrigation, and a mild climate with distinct seasons would best suit early farming communities. These regions typically include river valleys like the Nile, Tigris-Euphrates, and Indus, as well as areas with Mediterranean climates like the Levant and parts of southern Europe.

What crop allowed the early English colony of Virginia to become profitable and survive?

Tobacco farming made the English colony of Virginia profitable

What role did farming play in development of early civilizations?

Farming played a crucial role in the development of early civilizations. It allowed for a stable food supply, which in turn led to population growth and the formation of settled communities. The surplus of food from farming also allowed for the development of specialized occupations, trade, and the rise of complex social and political structures. Overall, farming was the foundation upon which early civilizations were built.

When did people cultivate food crops?

People have been cultivating food crops since the early days. Farming is one of the most ancient activities for most native communities.

Identify one cost and one benefit of farming for early humans?

Cost: Early humans had to spend a lot of time and effort hunting and gathering food to sustain themselves, which could be physically taxing and dangerous. Benefit: Farming allowed early humans to settle in one place, leading to the development of permanent communities, more stable food sources, and eventually the rise of civilizations.