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The Virginia plan called for a legislative branch that had 2 chambers also known as a bicameral legislative branch. James Madison drafted the Virginia plan.

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Two houses; representation based on population in both houses

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The dual principles of rotation in office and recall would be applied to the lower house of the national legislature.

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Q: What form of legislature did the Virginia Plan call for?
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What is a characteristic of government proposed by the Virginia plan?

A form of government with three branches: Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary.

What was the Virginia Compromise?

The Virginia Plan, which would later become the Connecticut Compromise, was a proposal to form a bicameral legislative branch of the US government. A bicameral legislature is separated into two different houses or assemblies.

What is the antonym for the great compromise?

It combined the ideas of both the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan to form the structure of the Constitution. It would have three branches and the legislature would have two houses the senate and the house of representatives. In the senate each state had equal votes, but in the house of representatives the amount of votes depended on population.

What did the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan form?

The Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan formed the compromise of the US Senate and House of Represenatives. The Virginia Plan called for votes of population (House of Represenatives) and the New Jersey Plan called for a fixed state vote (Senate). A law must pass through both house to become passed.

What is a agreement at the constitution convention that established a bicameral legislature called?

The proposal to form a bicameral congress instead of a unicameral one was proposed in the Virginia Plan. It was drafted by James Madison in 1787.

What were some of the complaints of small states regarding the Virginia Plan?

The Virginia Plan was based on population, while the New Jersey plan gave all states equal legislative representation. The small states could have been effectively stymied by control of the more populous states under the Virginia plan. The compromise was to form a bicameral Congress with one chamber using a form of each of the plans: the House of Representatives with proportional representation and the Senate with equal representation.

The delegates at the Constitutional Convention decided to base the Constitution on the?

replace the articles of confederation with an entirely new document. apex

Why was the house of burgess's important?

The House of Burgesses was a legislative body in Virginia from 1643 to 1776. It was important because it was the first legislative body in America.

What is the short form for the members of legislature of Ontario?

provincial parlament is a short form for the members of legislature of Ontario.

Why is Connecticut called the constitution state?

When the Virginia Plan and New Jersey plan were written, there were major differences. So Connecticut put the two together which helped form the Constitution.

What form of Government is in Vermont?

It is a bicameral legislature.

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