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Mainly slaves, crops, and livestock.

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they have slaves and suger and ma lasses

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I'm no sure

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Q: What goods were traded in the triangular trade?
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Where did finished goods in the triangular trade?

they traded their clouth for a teritory

In the triangular trade what did slaves trade in Africa?

In the triangular trade, slaves were traded for goods such as textiles, alcohol, firearms, and other manufactured goods in Africa. These goods were then transported to the Americas to be traded for enslaved Africans.

What was the 3 part trade system that traded goods and slaves called?

The general term for this is "triangular trade".

What were the three things traded in the triangular trade?

The three main things traded in the triangular trade were slaves from Africa to the Americas, raw materials from the Americas to Europe, and manufactured goods from Europe to Africa.

What three regions did the triangular trade connect?

The triangular trade connected Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Europe traded manufactured goods to Africa, Africa traded slaves to the Americas, and the Americas traded raw materials back to Europe.

What moved from Africa to America in the triangular trade?

Triangular trade involved Europe, Africa, and the Atlantic. The trade starts in Europe by dispatching commercial goods to Africa to be traded with enslaved Africans that will be traded to raw materials in Atlantic which will be delivered back in Europe.

What was traded between England and Africa within the triangular trade?

Sugar, Molasses, Slaves were traded in the triangular trade

What was the triangular trade route and what was traded?

goods and merchants and people i got this out of a world history book so this is no lie!

Where did New England ships sail to carry on trade?

The coonists traded their goods with the countries, England and Europe. They had triangular trade.

What is the definition of the triangular trade?

A trade route in the Atlantic Ocean where goods and weapons were traded for slaves.

Why were the Atlantic trade routes called the triangleualar trade?

The Atlantic trade routes were called the triangular trade because it involved three main stops or trading points: Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Goods like raw materials, slaves, and manufactured goods were exchanged among these regions in a triangular pattern.

What did Africa export during the triangular trade?

During the triangular trade, Africa primarily exported enslaved people, as well as raw materials such as gold, ivory, and spices. These goods were traded for manufactured goods like firearms, textiles, and rum from Europe.