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Q: What group led by eugene v debs openly opposed the war?
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This group led bt Eugene V Debs openly opposed the war?

The Socialists were led by Eugene V Debs. They opening opposed the war. Debs ran for president under the banner of the Socialists party.

I was a socialist party leader imprisoned for expressing my views against U.S participation?

Eugene Debs - Apex

When was Eugene Debs Hartke created?

Eugene Debs Hartke was created in 1990.

When was Eugene V. Debs born?

Eugene V. Debs was born on November 5, 1855.

What was Eugene debs attitude towards trusts?

he viewed the trusts and corporations as enemies of working class. He fiercely opposed the trusts.

Which candidate in the presidential election of 1912 ran mostly to widen then audience for socialist ideas?

Eugene V. Debs was the candidate in the presidential election of 1912 who ran mostly to widen the audience for Socialist ideas.

What happened to eugene debs?

Eugene Debs was the first "socialist" elected to the U.S senate.

Who was a socialist candidate for US President 5 times?

1892, Socialist Labor Party: Simon Wing 1896, Socialist Labor Party: Charles Matchett 1900, Social Democratic Party: Eugene V. Debs 1904, 1908 & 1912, Socialist Party: Eugene V. Debs

Who was the leader of the American Rail way Union who was jailed for not calling an end to the pullman strike?

Eugene Debs Eugene Debs

How old is Eugene V. Debs?

Eugene V. Debs platform was that workers have the right to unionize. He was a Socialist, and ran for President in 1912. He earned 6% of the vote.

What group of the US population did Eugene Debs represent?

Eugene Debs primarily represented the working class and labor movement in the United States. He was a prominent socialist and labor leader who advocated for workers' rights and social justice.

What did Eugene Debs invent?

a car.