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Lakota Souix!

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The plains peoples

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Q: What group of Native Americans relied on the buffalo to meet their basic needs?
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What did the Native Americans use buffalo fat for?

They used it for many things! Shoes, clothing, to make TP's, a lot of their basic needs were met with buffalo skin. they all ways wore skirts.

How did the horse and buffalo influence the native American life on the great plains?

The buffalo was more important to the western plains indians due to many factors. The native americans relied on the buffalo for many resources, from food to basic needs of soap and hairbrushes. However, the horses only made journeys for the americans easier and quicker, they didnt develop an easier way of general life for them

What native American group relied on the buffalo to meet their basic needs?

The buffalo was the main food source of the Plains tribes. This included the Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho and many many other tribes who lived where the buffalo roamed. The buffalo was more than a food source however. The tribes use them for their very survival.

What did all native Americans use to meet basic needs?

natural resources

How did the native Americans meet their basic needs?

Native Americans met their basic needs in a few ways. They hunted and grew plants for food and gathered water to drink.

Native American civil rights movement?

The Native American civil rights movements sought equal treatment and basic civil rights for Native Americans. In 1968 the Indian Civil Rights Act was passed and it granted Native Americans many civil rights.

What were the basic motivations of early native Americans?

to help nature and to grow in your life and to your self and other people

The basic cause of conflict between native Americans and the English colonists was over competition for fur animals?


The basic cause of conflict between native Americans and the English colonists was?

Over competition for land.

What were the three basic groups of American Indians that explores encountered?

There were 4 basic groups, depending on the standard you use. 1. Eastland and or Woodland Native Americans - defined by the wooded areas in which they lived. 2. Plains Native Americans - who generally occupied the great plains. 3. Desert Native Americans - who generally occupied the desert areas of the great plains and rocky mountains. 4. Western Woodland Native Americans - (sometimes called 'bug eaters' (derogatory reference), who occupied the northern coastal areas of the woodlands.

What did Many of Paul C and eacutezanne's compositions relied on?

The use of basic shapes

The basic Cause of conflict between Native Americans and the English colonists was religious differences?

No. It was competition over land. Religion did play a large factor into how the English colonists regarded native Americans, pretty much the English considered them barbarians, uncultured, etc.