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Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer. He had a wife. He had four children, but three died at a young age. Abe lived in Illinois. As a child, Abraham worked by splitting logs and other manual work. He was always very honest. He had one sister who had one daughter that i know of. Abe loved to learn and thrived knowledge. Abe had outstanding debating skills. This is what happened before Abraham was President.

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Q: What happened before Abraham Lincoln was president?
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Was Abraham Lincoln a cobbler?

Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer before he became president.

Who was in power before Abraham Lincoln took over?

The President before Abraham Lincoln was James Buchanan.

Who was the President of the United States before Andrew Johnson?

Before Johnson was Abraham Lincoln. Johnson was Lincoln's vice-president.

Did James K. Polk serve as president of the us before Abraham Lincoln?

Polk was president before Lincoln

Careers Abraham Lincoln had before he was the president?


What can be said about the qualifications of Abraham Lincoln to be the US President?

Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer who became a state legislator, then a Congressman before he became President.

Where did Abraham loncoln work before he was the president?

Abraham Lincoln was a shopkeeper and lawyer.

Which president lost elections eight times before becoming president?

Although this is often said about Abraham Lincoln, it is not true. For a thoroughly researched essay on Lincoln's real and imagined failures before becoming President, see .

Was Abraham Lincoln a vice president before he was the president?

No- his highest office before president was US Congressman.

What was the era of James Buchanan?

He was President before Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, was.

Was Lincoln president before Cleveland?

Yes- Lincoln was the 16th president and Cleveland the 22nd.

Did Abraham Lincoln have kids before being president?