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Native Americans showed the settlers survival skills.

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Q: What happened when English settlers moved west?
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As settlers moved west what happened to the area called middle ground?

As the settlers pushed back the indians, the "middle gound" also moved west.

Why did the English settlers move west during the french and Indian war?

they moved west because they wanted more land to build towns and farms.

What are some political reason settlers moved out west?

Settlers moved West to make a better living, and the opportunity to buy land

What caused settlers to move west?

Settlers in colonial America moved west for the promise of a better life. They often moved for cheap land, to escape debt or jail, or because of the gold rush.

What factors drew settlers west during the first half of the 19th century?

In the 1800's settlers moved west for many reasons. For instance gold was a big opportunity and so was cheap land for immigrants. This caused a race to the west and the main reasons settlers moved there.

What problems did native Americans face as settlers moved west?

new settlers, herds moving, [e.c.t]

Which hardship was not experienced by settlers who moved west?

limited supply of land

What is the term for people who moved west in 19th-century America?

the kind of people that moved west were pioneers.

What happen to native Americans when settlers moved west?

they took there land by killing them

Things that made early settlers move west?

The things that made settlers move to the west was gold.ANS 2 - I'm not American, but my view of history was that most settlers moved west to claim their own farmland in the new territories.

What happened to the west after the white settlers came?

The west was peaceful before the white settlers came. The Indians hunted for food and lived off of the land.

What led settlers and trappers to move to Oregon and the far west in the 1830?

They moved there because they wanted to