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i was born :)

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Q: What important event happened on December 16 1999 in the world?
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What was the most important world event that happened in 2001?

the world trade centers collapsed.

What important event happened in the world in 2001?

The twin tower fall down

Whats an important event that happened in 1914?

World War One started.

What important things happened on December 4 1996?

The most amazing girl in the world was born

What historical event happened 13 of December?

1577 - Sir Francis Drake sets out from Plymouth, England, on his round-the-world voyage.

What three important event happened in the 20th century?

Women's Right to Vote, World War II, and the end of segregation.

What world event happened in 1850?


What important world event happened in 2002?

9/11 happened in 2002 the terrorists crashed 4 US. planes in to a tall building in new york there that sums that up.

What important event has happened in the last decade in India?

The rise of India in the last decade to a major world financial power is extremely important. Much of this has come about through outsourcing.

What notable event that took the U. S. into World War 2 happened 76 years ago today (December 7)?

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the American naval base on 7th December, 1941.

What event happened in 2001?

The attack on the World Trade Center.

What was a world event that happened when Grover Cleveland was president?