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The Voting Act of 1965 was important in increasing voter registration.

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Q: What increased in part because of the Voting Act of 1965?
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Was Poll taxes outlawed with the Voting Rights Act of 1965.?

Yes, that is part of the voting rights act.

The growth of African Americans' voting power in states outside of the South and their influence on the Voting Rights Act of 1965 would represent which part of the framework for understanding American?

political linkage level

Why is voting not important?

Its a right,privilege,and responsibilty . If you don't vote, you deserve the government you get.

Is voting mandatory in Mexico?

yes just like in the us you have to be part of the us to vote

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Why were women given voting rights much later than men in most country?

Around the world and throughout history men have had most of the power in societies. Because of that men were able to keep women out of voting for a while when voting became a part of governments. The reason men didn't want women to vote was sexism (Discrimination against a person because of their gender).

Can plebians and patricans take part in voting?

yes,they both can

Sales of major household appliances increased during the 1920s in part because?

electricity was more widely avaliable.

Why was the voting machine made?

The voting machine was made in order for us to avoid cheating especially on the part of the running people in a particular position. That's why some countries don't implement this because in my own opinion, government officials will have a hard time in manipulating the votes of the citizen because it's computerized

What is a reason to vote?

The reason to vote is you need to elect people to represent you in the government. Not voting is not an answer to solving problems, but voting makes you part of the solution.

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a runoff voting system

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