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She wants to refer to the words of the Constitution to give her own argument persuasive power.

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Q: What is Anthony's intention in including this quotation in her speech?
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Which sentence contains an indirect quotation?

This sentence is an indirect quotation - James said that he is a garbologist. An indirect quotation, sometimes called indirect speech or reported speech, reports someone's words without quoting word for word eg A direct quotation or direct speech gives the exact words of a speaker or writer, with quotation marks: James said " I am a garbologist".

What part of speech is intently?

Intention is a noun.

Which democratic ideal is illustrated in the quotation above?

freedom of speech

Are speech marks used for thought?

No, speech marks are typically used to indicate direct speech or a quotation. For thoughts, it is more common to use italics, quotation marks, or no punctuation at all, depending on the style guide being followed.

Why are speech marks used?

Speech marks, also known as quotation marks, are used to indicate direct speech or a quotation from someone or something. They help to separate the words spoken by a person or a source from the rest of the text, making it clear to the reader where the speech begins and ends.

What part of speech is quotation?

The word "quotation" can function as a noun in a sentence. It refers to the act of repeating or mentioning something said or written by someone else.

What does the quotation mean?

A quotation is an exact, word-for-word exerpt from a speech, book, dramatic script of other use of language.

Should the name of a speech be put in quotation marks?

No, the name of a speech should be italicized when written in a text. Quotation marks are typically reserved for shorter works like articles or poems.

Do you put quotation marks around the title of a speech?

Yes, you should put quotation marks around the title of a speech, just like you would for the title of an article or a chapter in a book.

Why is a quotation a good way to begin a speech?

A quotation can capture the audience's attention and set the tone for the speech. It can also provide credibility, add depth to the topic, and create an emotional connection with the listeners.

What is the posh word for speech marks?

inverted commas

What are the three rules of using speech marks?

Firstly, you must use speech marks when: (i) you are quoting someone in thier speech (ii) use speech marks on every new line (iii) Use speech marks when giving personal interaction Hope that Helps :)