What is Malcom X's last name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Before he allowed his name to be changed to Malcolm X, his birth name was Malcolm Little.

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Q: What is Malcom X's last name?
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What is malcoms last name?

Malcom who?

What was Malcolm X American name?

Malcom had his last name legally changed to X, so Malcom X is his legal "American" name. His birth name was Malcom Little.

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Honestly they never ever say what it is! It makes me insane that they never say it!

What was malcom's x surname?

Malcom X changed his name from Malcom Little to Malcom X

What is the birth name of Francesco Malcom?

Francesco Malcom's birth name is Francesco Trulli.

Who was released from prison in 1953 and changed his name?

Malcom Little, who changed his name to Malcom X.

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malcom x did not have a wife.

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Malcom X

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