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Her temper.

Mr. Barrett said that he was passing the Lincoln's home in 1857 and saw Mr. Lincoln being chased by a little squatty woman carrying a knife. He soon recognized the woman as Mary Lincoln. Abraham was running down eighth street when he saw some people at a nearby church. He came to a sudden stop, turned and caught the woman by the back of her neck and the seat of her draws and pushed her squealing back into the house.

Another time, Mrs. Lincoln asked Abraham, while he was reading, to put more wood on the fire. A few minutes later she asked him again. Now, the fire was about out and again Mary asked Abraham to put some more wood on the fire. When he didn't respond, she picked up a piece of wood and smacked him on the nose. He went to court the next day with his nose in a bandage and plastered up.

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She had a lot of for Christmas diner .

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Q: What is Mary Todd Lincoln famous for?
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What was Mary todd Lincoln famuas for?

Mary Todd Lincoln was famous for being Abraham Lincoln's wife and her temper.

What famous person married Mary Todd Lincolin?

Abraham Lincoln

Who was president Lincoln First Lady?

Mary Todd Lincoln

Who was Lincolns wife?

Mary Todd Lincoln was his only wife.

How Mary Todd Lincoln died?

Mary Todd Lincoln died from a stroke.

Abraham Lincoln wife's name?

Mary Todd

Was Mary todd Lincoln's slave?

No. Mary Todd was Abraham Lincoln's wife.

When was Mary Todd Lincoln born?

Mary Todd Lincoln was born on December 13, 1818.

Abraham lincoln's wife was named what?

Mary Todd was Abraham Lincolns wife's name

Mary Todd Lincoln's birthplace?

Mary Todd Lincoln was born in Lexington, Kentucky.

What was Mary Todd Lincoln's fathers name?

Mary Todd Lincoln's fathers name was Robert Smith Todd.

Why did Mary Todd Lincoln become famous?

Because her husband was the president of the United States.