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According to historians, the Miwok Indians appeared short in height, dark skinned with flat noses. The Indians had long black hair in which they wore oyster shells to pull it away from their face. Overall, they wore moccasins and animal skin for clothing.

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cold because it was near the mountains

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Q: What is Miwok Indian geography like?
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What Indian tribe was closest to the miwok tribe?

The Miwok Indian tribe is in between the central valley region and the mountain region.

Where did the miwok Indians get their tribe name from?

The Miwok Indian tribe got their name from the word people because in the native language miwok means people.

What special activities did the miwok Indian tribe have?

they slept alot

What did miwok Indians wear?

The Miwok Indian woman wore either a piece skirt from deerskin or grass. Men wore no clothes at all.

What kind of clothing did the Sierra Miwok Indian tribe wear?


What were miwok Indian skirts made from?

the skirts were made of long grass.

How did geography affect the way Miwok tribe live?

geography affect people of the lake villages by helping them to know how to do farming,hunting or something that can help their living.

What type of shelter did the Miwok Valley Indian have?

They used huts and shade to keep cool.

Who were the natives of yosemite?

The first known people in Yosemite were the Miwok Indians.

What was the geography like for the Chinook Indian tribe?

very forested with lots of rivers and lakes.

What did the Miwok Indian Tribe in California use baskets for?

for putting food in inside and it was used for traps.

Did Miwok children go to school?

Typically the Indian School, the purpose of which was to abolish their traditional culture and make them "white".