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President Truman began his "get tough" policy in 1946 against Russian troops in Iran, and denial of Soviet claims to share control of the Turkish Straits, but Truman also believed the US needed more than a "get tough on the Russians" as the Cold War escalated.

Russia's history was one of expansion as much as possible (expansionist) and the Soviet Union was following that same idea. Because of the desire of the Soviets to expand westward, and the fact that Stalin had a pathological mistrust of the US, it would be impossible to come to a peaceful settlement with the Soviets. Thus, the policy of containment, developed by George F. Kennan of the State Department, was adopted by the Truman administration. The policy would allow communism where it already existed, but would use all force necessary to prevent any further expansion. In other words, communism would be "contained" where it presently existed. Because of Russian expansion to the west, a policy carried on by the Soviets, it would be impossible to come to a quick settlement with Stalin, following the Second World War. Since the Russians would test the US by a cautious expansion and not start a major war, Truman developed the Truman Doctrine, with the aid of George Kennan. This Doctrine provided military and financial aid to all the nations that agreed to resist any attempt by Russia to take them over. It was first applied in Greece and Turkey.

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Q: What is Trumans 'get tough' policy?
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