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committee of correspondence

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Committees of Correspondence

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Q: What is a Group that circulated writings about colonists' grievances?
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Where did a group of Federalists meet to air the region's grievances?

Hartford, Connecticut

The group who settled the Ohio Valley in defiance of the law?

an unofficial group of colonists -E

What group of colonists faced hostility as a result their views regarding the Declaration of Independence?

The Patriots are the group of colonists that faced hostility.

Which group defended Lexington and Concord?

An unofficial group of colonists.

Which group was founded specifically to address the grievances of women that were not adequately addressed by the civil rights act of 1964?

The Group of Swag Havers

What is the group in the Bible after books of laws?

The Writings and then the Prophets

Did colonists have homes?

Colonists started out with group homes and gradually built their own homes.

What group wanted American independence?

the colonists

What native group had Thanksgiving with the colonists?

Hindu's !

What do public mean?

It means that is a group of writings that are printed together

What ancient group did renaissance scholars study?

greek writings

What was a clash between BBritish troops and a group of colonists in which five colonists were killed?

the boston massacre