What is a Zuni shalako?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is a ceremony of Thanksgiving on the call of Zuni Priests in late November. Unlike most native American ceremonies, a shalako is not closed to outsiders and while heavy on rites and rituals it is open and publicly presented.

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Q: What is a Zuni shalako?
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When will the Zuni celebrate Shalako in 2009?

The Zuni Shalako will have their celebration in the early December. This tells many that they now are gonna be busy with the celebration and the Zuni people will be expecting many visitors from different places. (A note out to non-zunis remember that when you go to the ceremony there are to be no pictures taken or you will be fined)(remember this is very religious to the Zuni people.) have fun and be safe.

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Where is the Zuni Historical Society in Zuni Virginia located?

The address of the Zuni Historical Society is: Po Box 107, Zuni, VA 23898

Where is the Zuni Public Library in Zuni located?

The address of the Zuni Public Library is: 27 E. Chavez Circle, Zuni, 87327 0339

Where zuni peaceful?

where zuni peaceful or warlike

What is a Zuni?

A Zuni is a member of the Zuni North American tribe, also the name of their traditional language.