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a charter :p

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Q: What is a contract to establish a colony called?
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Contract to establish a colony?

A charter(:A charter was a written contract permitting the establishment of a colony.

Did the Quakers establish the Plymouth colony?

they did establish the Plymouth colony during 1620 and then later established more colony's elsewhere

Did the joint stock company was contract giving its holder the right to establish a colony?

False a joint stock company is a company backed up by its owners

What colony did the Puritains establish?

Massachusetts bay colony

Where did Columbus establish a colony?

he didn't "establish" any colonies

What was written permission from the king to establish a colony?


What did the English king give the merchants to the Virginia company to establish a colony called Virginia?

P o o

What did William Penn establish a colony?


Where did chaplain establish a colony?


What colony did Champlain establish?


What colony did Gilbert establish?


What colony did the swedes establish?

in mexico.