What is a fake crip?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A fake Crip is a Crip who represents the number ''6'' or use any other symbols or share any knowledge of the Folk Nation since real Crips have nothing to do with the Folk Nation.

A fake Crip is a Crip who doesn't know their true history like where they came from, what year they started, why they started, who their founders are, what their colors are and why they wear those colors, what side do they wear their flag & why, doesn't know their set & if they do know their set they don't know the history of it.

A fake Crip disrespects someone over stupid stuff like the color of their skin & the color of their bandana....

REAL CRIPS & BLOODs don't war over colors anymore it's more than that nowdays.

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Q: What is a fake crip?
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Do you have to be black to be a crip?

not neccesarily, you can be either black or Mexican to be a crip.

Is kid ink a blood or crip?

no he is fake **** the blood gd 74 4 life

Is Lil Wayne a crip or a blood?

He claims to be Blood, but according to "real Bloods" from the ghettos of California, they say Lil Wayne is a "fake Blood" because he has been seen wearing blue, which is the color of the Crips, Bloods and Crips don't get along so they don't wear each other's colors. Wayne's bandanna was hanging from the wrong side of his back pocket according to the Bloods.

When did the bloods and crips form the alliance?

The Cip Alliance started in the 1960's & if a Crip set is not under the Crip Alliance then they're FAKE!. The Blood Alliance started in the 1970's & if a Blood set is not under the Blood Alliance then they're FAKE!. SIDE NOTES: Real Bloods are NOT under the U.B.N.(United Blood Nation), neither are they under the People Nation, real Bloods are under the Blood Alliance. Real Crips are NOT under the U.C.N.(United Crip Nation), neither are they under the Folk Nation, real Crips are under the Crip Alliance.

Is tyga a crip or a blood?

tyga is a crip.

Is rapper fabolous a crip?

yeah he is a NSCNorth Side Crip

Are Mexican crips fake?

No, there are Mexicans as well as other Latino's that are Crips because there is no race limit as to who can be a Crip, the Crips will accept any race to join them.

Is Eric a crip?

Yes Eric is a Crip...or was a Crip....he got shot by the Bloods.

Is ludacris a blood or crip?

i think hes crip

Is suga free a blood or a crip?

357 pamona crip gang

Are there any crip signs?

Every Crip set has their own Crip hand sign, but they all throw up the letter ''C'' with their hand to show affiliation with the Crip Alliance. *ALL Crip gangs belong to the CRIP ALLIANCE!

What is a Five Deuce Hoover Crip?

5 Deuce Hoover Gangster Crip is a Crip set in the Crip Alliance under the Gangster Crip set. They are not the same as the Hoover Criminals gang.