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colonial age. when the spinards landed on the continent, that was a new colony for Spain

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Q: What is a name for the take over of native American land?
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What effect did the battle of wounded knee have on native American?

over land

Why was the metacom war fought?

Native American white settlers were taking over white settlers Native American land

Where is Native American?

Native Americans live all over the world, however, many live on land managed by their tribe. This land is called a "reservation."

Why did the Australians take over the aborigines land?

The Australians took the aborigines land for the same reasons the U.S. took over the native American's land. They wanted it.

What are two things the europeans and native Americans fought over?

Land and religion were two things that the Native Americans and European settlers fought over. The two groups had differing beliefs about land ownership and religion, and this sometimes resulted in conflict.

How did the Treaty of Paris effect native Americans?

I think the native American might not be happy because their land is being taken over by the colonists.

Why are crimes on Indian land considered federal?

Native American land is owned by the federal government. Native American land is seen as its own "territory" or "state", and they are not subject to state laws. The State of Kansas has no jurisdiction over Indian land with-in their state. All Native Reservations fall under the direct jurisdiction of the United States.

Is Levi a Native American name?

Bozho (hello)It could be, most Native Americans have normal names, you would not want someone calling you two birds over the earth in class. Native American parents usually name their children a normal American name and then have a Native American name.David, member of The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi

That is the meaning of Keano?

Native American name Means wind over the mountains

How did the Native Americans feel about the American progress?

The native Americans felt very strongly about the Americans progress, they did not like that there land was being taken over.

How did congress respond to the demands of the settlers over Native American land?

By passing the Indian Removal Act in 1830.

Were ancient native American's ever fair in complexion?

It is unlikely that Native Americans had a fair complexion. Most came from the west over the land bridge from Asia.