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A political machine is controlled by a powerful boss or group of bosses. The term dates back to the 20th century in the United States.

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Q: What is a political machine controlled by?
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What representative of the political machine controlled local jobs and services?


What is a type of local political party organization that holds a great deal of power and is controlled by its party members?

political machine

What did a an organized group called a political machine control the actions of?

A political machine was an organized group that controlled the actions of a community. Tammany Hall was one of the most infamous U.S. political machines. It controlled New York City politics from the 1790s to the 1960s. Its most infamous period was under Tweed in the mid-19th century.

How would you use the word 'political machine' in a sentence?

"Chicago's Boss Daley controlled one of the most formidable political machines the nation had ever seen."

Muckraker is another word for machine boss.?

Actually, a muckraker refers to a journalist or writer who investigates and exposes societal issues, corruption, and scandals to bring about social and political change. A machine boss, on the other hand, was a political boss in charge of a political machine that controlled votes and influenced elections in the past.

When did The Political Machine happen?

The Political Machine was created on 2004-08-10.

Why did some immigrants support the political machine?

Some of the political machines in cities were controlled by people who were immigrants themselves a generation or so ago. An example would be the Irish in Boston.

What problems could arise in cities in which political machines controlled all services?

A political machine is a political organization in which an authoritative boss or small group commands the support of a corps of supporters and businesses (usually campaign workers), who receive rewards for their efforts. The Political Machine causes major problems by controlling democracy and allowing favors to be used to influence voters

Who made the first computer numeric controlled machine?

machine? or machine tool?

Tammany hall was the name of?

political machine

Boss tweed was head of tammany hall a notorious example of a political?

political machine

These were organized groups that controlled the activities of a political party in a city?

political machines