What is a representative jury?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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A group of diverse people from different walks of life serving on a jury. Juries are supposed to be representative to ensure the case be considered from different views points and that individual prejudices or opinions do not get in the way of a fair trial.

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Q: What is a representative jury?
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During the impeachment of a US president what congressional body serves as the jury?

The Legislative branch: H.R, (House of Representative's) Senate.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Representative - 2011?

The cast of The Representative - 2011 includes: Stephen Charba as Pedestrian Kevin Dobson as Hon. Justice Evans Jim Dougherty as Courtroom Assistant Danielle Guthrie as Jury Member Robert Malone as Jury Member Ali Mueller as Secretary Kaiva Rose as News Reporter Ervin Ross as Defense Atty. Greta Zenelaj as Molly Saben

What is the Possessive for jury?

The possessive form of "jury" is "jury's." For example, "The jury's decision was unanimous."

Is jury duty and jury summons the same?

You are summoned to jury duty. This means that you receive a jury summons to perform your jury duty.

What is it called when jury can't reach a decision?

A hung jury.

The singular possessive form of the word jury?

The singular possessive form of the word "jury" is "jury's."

What is right The jury is in their place or The jury are in their place?

"Jury" is singular, so the correct answer would be: "The jury is in their place."

What is the plural for jury?

The plural of 'jury' is juries.

What is a jury consultant?

"Throughout a trial, a jury consultant will work with a laywer as a commentator or a reviewer of how the lawyer worked with a jury." A jury consultant is someone who has done extensive jury research. A lawyer will employ them to assist in selecting the jury and for assistance with the jury throughout the trial.

What is trials by jury?

Trial by jury means that the finder of fact for the court proceeding will be a jury. the size of the jury varies by jurisdiction.

What is called a 12 member jury?

Grand Jury is the type of jury with more than twelve jurors.

What acts as the judge and jury?

Not surprisingly, a Judge and Jury act as judge and jury.