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Adobe, if you look under Adobe Mud Bricks...

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The bricks were made of mud and called adobe. A white wash was put on them or a white plaster.

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Q: What is a sun-dried mud brick called?
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What were of dwelling was common among the people of southwest?

Adobe, a type of sundried mud brick

What is a flat topped mud brick tomb called?

A flat topped mud brick tomb is called a mastaba.

What is a brick built by mud called?

It is adobe.

You found rome built of sundried brick you leave her clothed in marble?

You are thinking of Augustus.

What are Indus River Valley houses called?

They are called mud brick houses.

how is mud brick is different about limestone?

how is mud brick is different from limestone

What were the hanging gardens of Babylon made of?

The gardens are made of mud brick and stone, a series of terraces, one on top of the other. The hanging gardens are made by dried mud called mud brick. The mud brick was then use to make slabs sacked on top of each other to make the gardens.

What is a brick called with mud and straw?

Adobe. Cob. Mudbrick. (slight diferences)

What do you use to make a mud brick?

mud! straw can also be used to make the brick stronger

What were the house called in ancient India?

They where called adobes or mud brick houses. Look adobes up on wikipedia.

Brick made with mud and straw?

no.... mud bricks were made of mud

People of southwest made sundried bricks called?