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Hyper pluralism is seen in many events that take place throughout the United States. One example of hyper pluralism is the stance of gay marriages. The government is overwhelmed by the magnitude of citizens, special interest groups, and others that feel very strongly on both sides of this issue.

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Hyperpluralism is similar to pluralism. Both are theories on who has power. Pluralism is power that is shared by many. This is good. Hyperpluralism is bad, because power is shared by too many. Nothing will get accomplished because no one will agree.


The answer above me is not really correct. Yes, hyperpluralism is a more extreme version of pluralism, but that doesn't mean it's bad. These are THEORIES. Not actually concepts or actions pertaining to the government. Hyperpluralism is stated when the political parties or interest group is in control of the policy agenda, that the government becomes to weak to take control. Basically when many interest group or political party becomes too strong and the government becomes ineffective to make policies; policy gridlock. Like I said before, these are theories. Yes, some of these theories actually do HAPPEN in the U.S. government, but that doesn't mean they terminologically correct and are applied to the idea of a government.

I guess an example would have to be the stance on abortion or gay marriage, pertaining to the state's constitution. Some states are passing laws either allowing gay marriage or banning it. There are many single-issue groups and interest groups that are trying to influence the government's policy agenda, but the government are overwhelmed by the numerous of opinions and ideas, they are in a policy gridlock. It's also a matter of whether the states have rights to pass a law that is unconstitutional.

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Conservative and Democratic

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Q: What is an example of hyper-pluralism?
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