What is being opposed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Your wrong

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Q: What is being opposed?
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What is an antigod?

An antigod is a divine being who is opposed to a god.

What is the state of being against or opposed to do something?


What is loyal opposition?

The concept that one can be opposed to the actions of the gov without being opposed to the constitution of the political system.

Is melanin an inclusion?

Melanin is an inclusion as opposed to being an organelle.

Who opposed of the Booker t Washington national monument being built?


What is antithetic?

Antitheticality is the quality of being antithetical, opposed to opposing statements.

Who believed that being is ceaselessly changing?

The philosophies of Parmenides (being is unchanging) and Heraclitus (being is ceaselessly changing) seem to be irreconcilably opposed.

Which of these was one of the Partridge family as opposed to being one of the Brady bunch?


What is livebirth?

It is giving birth directly to young that are developed as opposed to being in eggs.

What is a man-made structure?

One that was built by humans as opposed to being there naturally

Is there significance to a dagger tattoo being a line drawing as opposed to a filled in tattoo?


What is a releases?

It means that a film is released in theaters as opposed to being direct to video/DVD.