What is leader lines?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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leader line is a thin straight line the leading from a dimension or an explanatory note of the drawing..


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Q: What is leader lines?
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What is a leader line in Excel?

Excel does not use leader lines, because it does not use tabs. You would find leader lines in MS Word.

What is the name given to pipes which take away dirty water?

Leader linesSoil linesWaste lines

Who ensures accountability of patrol troops entering into friendly lines?

Patrol Leader and one other member

What is 'lead pipes' not in architecture?

They ARE used when quality and longevity is needed for leader lines, roof drain flashing material

Why is Russell Simmons a good leader?

Russell Simmons would not normally be thought of as a leader, but he is a good businessman. He is the founder of the hip hop label Def Jam, and has started several clothing lines.

Who Makes Fin Lines?

Burr Oak Tool is the worlds leader in manufacturing fin lines. They specialize in making machinery used in the manufacturing of heat exchangers for the world's heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning industries.

How would you answer 'How you have taken responsibility to communicate an important message'?

They may be looking for you to answer this on the lines of how you handled situations. Do you consider yourself to be a leader or mentor of others? Are you a team leader or player? Can you keep others motivated to complete a common goal. Hope this helps

What the meaning of line leader in factory?

Assembly lines are usually teams of 3 or more people working in a set order to put together products. The line leader is a sort of supervisor who oversees his line-mates work to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

What are some famous lines of a famous writer?

John Maxwell is a very famous leader. He is an author as well, and he delights in writing quotes about leadership. One of the famous quotes from John Maxwell that I dearly like is this: "A leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position."

Who is the supreme political and religious leader?

Prophet muhammed (saw) is our leader.However allah is our god and teacher.Answer 2According to Shia Muslims current supreme leader of Muslims is Imam Khamenei.

What theme is suggested in lines 768-778 in Beowulf?

The theme suggested in these lines is the importance of loyalty and fealty between a lord and his warriors. Beowulf emphasizes the bond of loyalty that exists between a leader and his followers, highlighting the idea that loyalty and honor are fundamental aspects of warrior culture.

What is a roof diaphragm?

A drawing that would show how high the flashing and counter flashing is going to be on a roof plus the various penetrations and pitch pockets and leader lines and possibly a scupper