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When you do something with as little waste as possible.

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Q: What is one where the goal of efficiency is being met?
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Which of the Situations is one where the goal of efficiency is being met?

When you do something with as little waste as possible

Which of the following situations is one where the goal of effciency is being met?

when you do something with as little waste as possible

What is A physical goal is one that?

improves one’s well being

Why nstp being offered?

the nstp is being offered is the one of goal

Do you believe that working toward a common goal can make it easier to succeed?

Definitely. If a company has one strategy with goals and objectives everyone is aware of, the overall productivity and efficiency is increased.

If 6th grade students don't reach their goal in nwea or you went down one point do they go to summer school Please answer right away?

It will depend on how far from the goal the student is at the end of the school year. Most students do,however, need to attend summer school when their goal in nwea is not met.

What does satisfaction mean?

Satisfaction refers to the feeling of contentment or fulfillment when one's needs or desires are met. It can result from achieving a goal, receiving something desired, or experiencing a sense of pleasure or enjoyment. Satisfaction often leads to a positive emotional state and a sense of well-being.

How many ponits is one goal wroth in soccer?

One goal is counted as one goal.

Are all effective organizations also efficient Discuss If you had to choose between being effective or being efficient although both are needed which one would you select why?

I will choose both because effectivness and efficiency are important to the organization . I will choose the both because efficiency and effectivness are important to the organization.

Why is a high efficiency machine is more desirable than a low efficiency machine?

A high efficiency machine will produce more of what is it that you want with the same power as the low efficiency one. In other words, for a low efficiency machine do as much as a high efficiency one, you have to give it more power (energy).

Explain the nature of organisational goals in management principles?

Survival, Growth, Profit, Efficiency, Service, Leadership and Social responsibility are the nature of organizational goals.Survival - Staying alive is the basic minimum goal. Nepal's carpet industry is pursuing survival goal due to loss of marketing Europe. Survival is number one goal of all organizations. It ensures continuity of organization.

How to use the word alleviate hardship in a sentence?

One can alleviate hardship in life by being sincere, hardworking & punctual towards one's goal...