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Q: What is part of the legislative branch of the federal government A the military B the supreme court C the presidency D congress?
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According to the founding fathers what are the basic purposes of government?

Because the colonist originally came from a Monarchy they came to the New World to get away from that kind of system of Government. The United States framers of government wanted separations of power, meaning that one unit of power never has to much or all control. That's why we have 3 branches of government--> Judicial, executive, and legislative

What is Nathaniel gorham's opinion on central government?

· At the convention he is Representing the commercial-cosmopolitan interests in Massachusetts · there should be a strong central government that would protect interstate commerce, promote international trade and regulate the use of paper money. · There should be long presidential and senatorial terms, which would prevent the government from passing fads and prejudices. · Congress should have broad powers and consolidation of military authority through control of the militia by the central government.

Under the Articles of Confederation it can be said that Congress was?

Short Answer: Powerless. Because the Articles of Confederation did not give the power to the federal government to tax states, any money for any federal programs (mail system, military, road systems, bank system, etc.) have to be volunteered by the states. Also, state government had much more power than federal government according to the Articles of Confederation. Good luck on your test

How does the government establish order provide security and manage conflict?

Governments establish order by having and constantly improving the voting, congress, and justice systems. They provide security by having local and state law enforcements and also by things like firefighters, national guard, and the military. The government accomplishes common goals by listening to the public voice, because in the end, it's all about the people. #holly

What aspect of the constitution addressed concerns that resulted from the event in the headline?

The strengthening of the federal government's military powers

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What branch of the government oversees the Library of Congress?

The Legislative branch, commonly known as Congress, which comprises the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, oversees the Library of Congress. The Legislative branch is that part of the government responsible for making laws, establishing the budget for all U.S. government agencies and projects, and appropriating money for the military and special programs.

Is the military part of the Legislative Branch of the federal government?

Army(ground force), Navy, Marines, Air Force(Army Air Corps or Air men) and Coast Guard. These are the part of the military branches.

Is military one of the branches of government?

no, the three branches of government are the executive, legislative, and judical

What branch og government declare war?

"In the United States, the power to declare war and appropriate military funds lies with the legislative branch of government, but the executive branch supplies the commander in chief of the military, capable of some military actions even without an official declaration of war." Quote from Wikipedia.

What has the author Anne H Cahn written?

Anne H. Cahn has written: 'Congress, military affairs, and (a bit of) information' -- subject(s): Legislative hearings, Legislative reference bureaus, Military policy, Officials and employees, United States, United States. Congress

What branch of government is in charge of arming military forces?

The Constitution gives both the executive and legislative branches authority over certain aspects of the military. It says that the President is the commander and chief of the military, while congress is responsible for funding and providing for the upkeep of the military.

What types of government does china have today?

The types of government consists of legislative, judicial, executive and military branches.

How many branches are in the federal government?

AnswerThree. They are: Legislative Branch(Congress), Executive Branch (Presidency), and Judicial Branch (Supreme Court)

What branch of government oversees all military trials and legal businesess?

The Legislative Branch.

Agent of american congress in france who signed a military alliance with that government?

Benjamin Franklin was the agent of the American Congress in France who signed a military alliance with that government. He was the first United States Ambassador to France.

How is there conflict between the executive and legislative branch over the issue of the military powers?

the president has authority over the military but congress holds the power to declare war so if the president and congress don't agree on the war topic there can be issues(:

Can Congress approve military deployment?

Congress can legislate an act of war. But it is reserved to the military, itself, and its Commander-in-Chief (the President of the US) to determined when and how many troops will be deployed. Thus, Congress preserves its legislative role and the Executive branch carries out the intended legislation, in action. C