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she as 3 sons Sean Craig and Christopher she does not have 4 if you guys want the parents name please ad me on fortnite MellowFellow10 thats my username

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Q: What is ruby bridges' 4 sons names?
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Ruby bridges children?

She has 4 sons

What are the names of ruby bridges 4 sons?

Ruby Bridges was the first black person to attend a all-white school. She had 4 sons whose names were: Sean, Craig, Christopher, and Claiug.

Do Ruby Bridges have children?

yes, she has 4 sons

Did ruby bridges have kids?

Yes, their names are Robert, Lisa, Alicia and Ruby.

What are the names of ruby brigdes' children?

Ruby Bridges gave birth to 4 sons. The names of three of them are Sean, Craig, and Christopher. The fourth is intensely private and, with the cooperation of his family, has managed to keep his name out of the spotlight.

How many children did Ruby Bridges have?

She has 4 Children. 4 son's and no daughters

What are ruby bridges 4 children names?

ruby does not have 4 sons she has 3 and their name are sean and Craig and Christopher and this is sad that I'm in 2 grade and telling you this is just pitiful

When did ruby bridges have children?

Yes, Ruby Bridges had three siblings. They were Micheal Bridges , Malcolm Bridges, and Joana Bridges.

What are ruby bridges siblings name?

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How many sons did ruby bridges have?

Ruby Bridges has three sons.They are Craig Hall, Sean Hall and Christopher Hall.Ruby herself is an African-American activist. She is famously known for being the first African-American child to attend an all-white school in the south of the US. She was escorted to school and protected by a team of US Marshals.

What are all the names of ruby bridges siblings?

She has 4 siblings total because has to brothers and two sisters.

What are ruby bridges 4 kids name?