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Q: What is the Blackfoot Native American translation of the name angel?
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What is beautiful angel in American Indian language?

There are hundreds of Native American languages, not just one. Please ask for your translation in a specific Native American language.

How do Native Americans say angel?

There are literally hundreds of Native American languages, but in the most common form of Cherokee, Angel is pronounced Ah-Dah-We-Uh

What is the English translation of spanish eres angel?

you are an angel

What name did the Native Americans give to the alleged angel Moroni?

Well, as Moroni is a character from the Book of Mormon, and Mormons believe that the Book of Mormon people are the ancestors of today's Native Americans. So Moroni is his Native American name, Moroni is a Native American.

How do you say angel in tagalog?

Tagalog translation of angel: anghel

What is the welsh translation for angel?

angel pronounced ah-ng-elle

What is the Latin translation for the word angel?

"Angel" in Latin is angelus (-i, m.)

What is the Cherokee Indian word for angel?

The Cherokee nation like so many other Native American nations has its own language. In Cherokee you say adawehi to say angel.

What is the Hawaiian translation of 'angel of music'?

anelaomele mele=song anela=angel o=of

What is the Gaelic translation for your sister your angel?

In Irish it's do dheirfiúr (your sister) d'aingeal (your angel)

How do you write i will always love you my angel in french?

Translation: Je t'aimerai toujours mon angel.

What is the translation of the spanish song Angel del cuarto piso in to English?

Angel on the fourth floor