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In the Blackfoot language the word for daughter is:


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Q: What is the Blackfoot word for daughter?
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What is the Blackfoot word for snow?

The Blackfoot word for snow is "pikáni".

Blackfoot word for eye?

The Blackfoot word for eye is mooipssp."His eyes" is owoopispists

How do you say strength in the Blackfoot language?

The Blackfoot word is minikxiw

How do you say goodbye in Blackfoot language?

In Blackfoot, the word for goodbye is "apikii."

How do you say white wolf in blackfoot?

The Blackfoot word for wolf is omahkapi'si and white is aapi. In combination aapi becomes ap-, so in theory the term "white wolf" would be *apomahkapi'si.I am not aware that such a term was ever used by the Blackfoot, hence the (*) indicating a theoretical word.

What is the Blackfoot word for the Flower Rose?

The word is kiniw

What is 'bear' when translated from English to Blackfoot Sioux?

Dakota is Sapa Mato

What the blackfoot Indians name for stone?

ani-nv-ya==========================Answer:In Blackfoot the word for rock or stone is:óóhkotoki, with the plural form óóhkotokistsiThe first answer above is the Cherokee (Tsalagi) word for stone - Cherokee is in no way related to Blackfoot.

What is the Blackfoot Indian word for sprit guide?


How do you say fire in the blackfoot Indian language?

Hello is OKI in Blackfoot. My name is is NII TA NIK KO.

What is the blackfoot word for future?

The element that expresses the idea of things happening in future is yaak- in Blackfoot. In certain words this becomes aak-.

What is the Blackfoot word for husband?

In Blackfoot you have to express the idea with a verb, such as kitsiikákomimmo (I love you) or akomimmiyuk (love each other), or akomimmis k'inna (love your father) or nit'akomimmo (I love him).