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The California Indenture Act of 1850 set forth regulations for slavery. The Act set forth regulations that made slavery legal in certain situations.

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Q: What is the California indenture act?
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What are the two types of indent agents?

The two types of indent agents are indentures who act as middlemen to connect buyers and sellers in financial markets, and indenture trustees who are responsible for enforcing the terms of a bond indenture on behalf of bondholders.

What is the meaning of indenture?

The abstract noun for indenture is the word indenture or indentureship. Indenture is the agreement or the contract for the servitude and indentureship is the term or length of the servitude.

What is the noun formation of indenture?

The word 'indenture' is a noun; a word for an agreement, contract, or document. Another noun form is 'indentureship'. The word 'indenture' is also a verb.

What is the noun formation of the word indenture?

The word indenture is a noun, a word for a contract binding one party into the service of another for a specified term. The noun form for the verb to indenture is indentureship and the gerund, indenturing.

What is the California step act?

California 186.20, California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act, (STEP Act) See below link:

What did Joe do to pips indenture papers?

Joe forged Pip's indenture papers to make it seem like Pip had received a substantial inheritance that would allow him to become a gentleman. This act set in motion the events that led to Pip's transformation and moral growth in the novel "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens.

What is the noun formed from indenture?


Can you name some simple tools which were introduced to Fiji Islands during the Indenture system?

The term Girmitiya was and is in use for Identifying Indenture System

What is the act step?

California 186.20, California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act, (STEP Act) See below link:

What is the term for a contract in which a person agrees to work for an employer for a specific period of time?

The contract is the indenture servant program. The indenture servant would sign a contract for passage to America, In return, the indenture would work for seven years to the person or company to pay the debt.

Discuss the abuse of indenture system?

Abuse of the indenture system included neglect and abuse of the servants, exploitation, servants running away, and pregnancy among female servants. The benefits of the indenture system include a period of servitude allowed them to learn the customs, culture, and language of America.

Why did Chinese came to Guyana?

Because they were indenture labours