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Q: What is the definition for an act of rebellion against the established government?
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Definition of rebellion?

On an individual level, rebellion means going against the traditional or an authority figure. On a larger level, rebellion means dissension that can lead to the overthrow of a government. Below is the reference on rebellion.

What is an armed fight against a government?


Revolt against the government of Jamestown?

Bacon's Rebellion

What is speech that encourages rebellion against the government?


What is the definition of the French Revolution?

the french revolution was a rebellion of the french against their king. it was a bloody and violent batttle/rebellion

What does rebellion mean?

A rebellion is an armed uprising against an established authority. The word derives from the word "rebel". A rebellion is often a grassroots affair designed to protest the actions of the authority or to force a change in them. It is not usually intended to change the government or make massive social change; that would be a revolution.

What is an example sentence using the word rebellion?

The rebellion was crushed by the royal forces.There will be a rebellion of we do not listen to people.The rebellion overthrew the tyrants and established a new order of democracy.

What is another name for a revolt against the government?

There are several terms used for a revolt against a government. They are: A. Revolution B. Rebellion C. Civil war D. Insurrection

What was the name of the poor farmer who led the rebellion against the Virginia government?

Daniel Shay in Shay's Rebellion.

Why was Louis Riel guilty of treason?

Louis Riel was found guilty of treason for leading two Métis resistance movements against the Canadian government in the Red River Rebellion of 1869-1870 and the North-West Rebellion of 1885. His actions were viewed as acts of rebellion against the authority of the Canadian government, leading to his conviction for treason.

What is the Definition of lack of discipline?

It is the ability not to do what is required him to do.

Who rallied farmers in a rebellion against the central government?

Daniel shays