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A painting on animal skin. it's really sort of self explanatory.

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Q: What is the definition of an animal skin painting?
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What is the definition of a pelt?

A pelt is an undressed animal skin.

What is the definition of the leather?

Noun:A material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process.

What is the complete subject of Maria saw a painting of an animal alphabet?

"a painting of an animal alphabet"

Definition of pensula?

Painting Brush.

Definition of the kind of painting Van Gogh done?

Post-impressionist painting.

What is the definition of a representational painting?

depicting objects, figures,or scenes as seen as a painting

What do you call an animal's skin?

hide animal skin

Is a deer vertebrate or a invertebrate?


What is the definition of animal abuse?

The simple definition is any physical or emotional harm to an animal.

Was the first map made on parchment or animal skin?

animal skin

What is Picasso's first animal painting?

Picasso's art was always abstract so ofcourse there would be an animal painting but his mind was not focused on the animal because it would usually be in the background and not in the title.

What is the definition of the word abstract?

abstract is a type of painting, it means a not really realistic painting. something madeup by you specially