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A person who comes into a country from Another Country, usually for permanent residence.

Someone coming into a new country from a different one.

(an emigrant is one who emigrates, or leaves - an immigrant is one who comes in)

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Immigrants are people who permanently move from one country to the country you are living in. If you live in Turkey, immigrants are people who come to live in Turkey. If you live in Australia, they are people who come to live in Australia. All countries have a certain amount of Immigration (people coming to live there permanently) although during times of civil war, finanacial collapse or other turmoil, it can temporarily dwindle down to nothing.

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Immigrate means to come to a country of which one is not a native, usually for permanent residence. Synonym: colonize, migrate, settle

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Immmigration:When a person moves from one country to another.(verb)Immigrante:Is someone who movews from one country to another.(noun)

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Q: What is the definition of immigrate?
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What part of speech is immigrate?

Immigrate is a verb.

If you immigrate what do you do?

When immigrate,Leaving your own country.

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Why do you immigrate?

People immigrate for political reasons and for economic reasons.

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At the time of The Great Famine they immigrated to America and Australia. Nowaday they immigrate to where-ever they want to. There isn't a specific place for them to immigrate to.

Why did the Germans immigrate to North Carolina?

why didthe Germans immigrate to north carolina

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They immigrate because they wanted to find jobs to support their families.

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Countries do not "immigrate." People immigrate.

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Professionals in search of better opportunities and better pay are the most likely to immigrate. Also, skilled laborers may immigrate.

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The French first started to immigrate to Australia in the post WWII period.