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The Red Scare

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Q: What is the fear of communism called?
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What is called the fear of communism?

The Red Scare

What did people call the fear that if one country fell to communism then all countries would fall to communism?

It was called the "Domino Theory".

Fear of communism in Australia in the 1960's?

How could the Domino Theory lead fear of Communism in Australia in the 1960's?

How did American show their fear of communism?

Americans showed the fear of communism thorough the McCarthy trials. The trials tried many innocent people for fear they supported communism. Students practiced duck and cover drills in case of raids.

What major event started the fear of communism here in the US?

America was actively fighting Communism as early as 1919 in the Russian Civil War. The fear of communism does not stem from the Soviet Union, it stems from what communism represents. There was no great event that started the fear of communism, made clear by the fact that in 1919 the Bolsheviks were yet to actually do that many great evils.

What political fear swept through america from 1917 into the 1920's?


What fear led Conservatives to give power to Hitler?

Fear of Communism in Germany.

Why did Australia fear communism?

because they are silly

What do anti communists fear in countries?


What did Americans fear in the 1950's?


Why did the Germans fear communism and how might this fear shape Germany's future?

Because the German's were scared that communism would shape Germany's future because of cheesecake.

What was a period of hysterical fear of Communism?

It is the Red Scare(: