What is the gender OF NEGRO?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is a neutral or male term. Negress is the feminine version.

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Q: What is the gender OF NEGRO?
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What is the Female gender of negro?

The female gender for "negro" is "negra."

What is the feminine gender for negro?

The feminine gender for "negro" in Spanish is "negra."

What is the opposite gender to negro?

The opposite gender to "negro" is "negra" in Spanish, which translates to "black" and "black woman" respectively.

Feminine gender of negro?

It would be "negra."

What is negro the gender nouns?

Negro is a word used to describe people of African descent. It is not a gender noun; rather, it pertains to race or ethnicity.

What is masculine gender for negress?

The French négresse is the feminine.The word for a male is nègre (negro).

What is the opposite gender of negro?

The feminine form "Negress" used to be used to denote a female black person. However, the usage is now archaic and likely to be found offensive.English nouns don't have gender. Therefore, "negro" could be both masculine or feminine depending on the context.

What is the possessive form of Negro?

The possessive form for the noun negro is negro's. Example: The Black Star Line, a shipping business established in 1919, was funded by individual negro's investments.

What is the feminine word of negro?

The proper, singular form of Negro (Black or African American person) to describe a female negro is "Negress." The proper plural form is "Negresses." The possessive form for a single Negress is "Negress's" and the possessive possessive plural form of Negresses is "Negresses'."

What is the birth name of Anthony Del Negro?

Daniel Del Negro's birth name is del-Negro, Daniel.

When was The Negro created?

The Negro was created in 1915.

Who is JL Wilkerson and what did he do for negro baseball league?

He was a Negro League manager. He also had a seat on the Negro League Board.