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It stand for a change of government in today society.

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Q: What is the meaning of a black and silver American flag?
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What is the meaning of the American flag in black and gray?

It's to symbolize that person has served their country. While deployed service members wear a black & white ir flag. Therefore people who have served overseas wear a black & white flag on their right shoulder.

What is the meaning of black on the Jamaican flag?

It reflects hardship.

What colers are on the American flag?

pink black and rainbow

What is 13 s in the a f?

13 Stripes in the American Flag**in meaning within, therefore 13 Stripes within the American Flag.

What is the meaning of the star spanggled banner?

Isnt it the American flag

What is the meaning of the 50 stars in the american flag?

It represents the 50 states of America. It was 1959 when the flag added a fiftieth star to the flag.

What does a black and silver flag stand for?

It's to represent the fact that the United States is in a Recession.

What are American flag fish?

Small algae eating fish with what appears to have red and silver stripes resembling the flag for which it gets its name.

Who designed the American flag 1818?

A black man that the government will not name.

What is the meaning of the 50 stars on an American Flag?

Each star represent a state.

What does each color on the American flag represent?

Assuming you are referring to the US flag as there is no such thing as the American flag. The colors in the flag have no official meaning. Many people have come up with meanings over the past 200+ years, but, unlike several other countries (such as France and Mexico), the US does not officially define the meaning behind the colors used in its flag.

What does the colors red represent on the American flag?

Officially, the colors in the flag have no specific meaning. Tradition has it that the colors are derived from the Union Jack flag of the United Kingdom.