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abraham Lincoln

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Q: What is the name of the person who discovered tin?
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Where was the tin discovered?

where was the Tin discovered?

Who found tin?

Tins use began about 3,000 years ago so the name of the person who first used and discovered it is lost to history.

Who was tin discovered by?

Archealogist and scientist who study tin dont know who discovered it so no one knows

Who discovered canavan?

a name of a person who discovered cacavan

What country discovered tin?

Tin has been known for about 5,000 years. The place and person of discovery is not actually known. It has been used for millennia as an alloy to strengthen other metals.

Was tin discovered by the ancients?


Who discovered the atom tin?


When was tin discovered and by who?

it was discovered is ancient times and i dont know who descovered it

Tin was discovered by?

i dont know actullly

What was the name of the person who discovered black holes?

Karl Schwarzschild discovered black holes.

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Rin Tin Tin's birth name is Rintintin.

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