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Q: What is the opposite of apprentice?
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What is the opposite of an apprentice?


What are the names of John Flanagan's Books?

Ranger's Apprentice The Ruins of Gorlan Ranger's Apprentice The Burning Bridge Ranger's Apprentice The Icebound Land Ranger's Apprentice Oakleaf Bearers Ranger's Apprentice The Sorcerer in the North Ranger's Apprentice The Siege of Macindaw Ranger's Apprentice Erak's Ransom

What is an unindentured apprentice?

unindentured apprentice is an electrical helper. He is not under contract and not yet an apprentice.

How do you make a sentence using apprentice?


Who was Sandstorm's first apprentice?

Sandstorm's first apprentice was Sorreltail.

What was is an apprentice?

an apprentice is like when someone is following someone to learn something. You know, like master and apprentice?

What job did an apprentice have?

An apprentice is a person in training to do a certain job - it depends on who they have hired on to learn from. You can be an apprentice anything.

What kind of apprentice ws Thomas Paine?

what did he apprentice as

Who was Paul Revere's apprentice?

Paul Revere did not have an apprentice.

Who did Halt choose for his apprentice?

Halt chose Will as his apprentice.

Who was the original Sorcerer's apprentice in Fantasia?

Mickey Mouse was the apprentice in the 'Sorcerer's apprentice' segment in 'Fantasia'

What is a person called who learns a trade?

That would be an apprentice.