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In Mahabharata era (3139 BC), Yadava-Gana (Federation of Yadavas) consisted of 5 tribes-Kukkur in north-west India, Vrishni in North India (Krishna was among them), Satvata in Rajsthan and Gujrat, Bhoja incentral India and Andhaka in present Andhra Pradesh. Kukkur tribe has been called Khokar which was the dominant tribe when Afganistan and Sindh were decimated under Islamic attack. Khokhars were resolute fighters who did not surrender their independence or faith. Like other tribes, they were not given option to convert to Islam and thereby save their lives. As per Muslim historians like farishta, at least 1.5 million Khokhars were butchered. Complete tribe was annihilated except some who took shelter in Himalayas. Some of them, who returned later on, were converted to Islam whose descendants are ministers in Pakistan. To save the lives, some went as far as Kokarajhar in Asam in north east India. T.S Elliot and other British historians have recorded the fact of annihilation of the tribe, but successively reduced the number to .5 million, 50 thousand and then 5thousand. But all Muslim historians have mentioned more than 1.5 million which is correct as per their population-Arun Kumar Upadhyay, IPS

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Q: What is the origin of khokhar tribe?
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