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In the US it is called the draft and has been used twice, in WWII and the Vietnam War. It forces all males aged 18-30 to report for military duty. they serve for 2-4 years and are released. The president is the only one who can initiate the draft.

He means its called militarism...(as well as the U.S. version the draft)(they call it the draft so they get all of the alcoholics super excitied!)

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Q: What is the policy of forcing civilians to serve in the military?
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What is the policy that requires men to serve in the military?

first amendment

Under which department does the US merchant marine serve?

In declared war, Merchant Mariners become Navy auxiliarists. In peacetime, we're civilians with no obligation to the military.

Forcing sailors to serve in another navy?

Pressgang was forcing ordinary people in a port onto a boat to be sailors.

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Calvin Coolidge did not serve in the military.

What are civilians?

Ordinary citizens who serve for a limited time as soldiers, rather than becoming full-time professional soldiers.

What was the focus of carters foreign policy?

He said it best himself " our policy is based on an historical vision of America's role. Our policy is derived from a larger view of global change. Our policy is rooted in our moral values, which never change. Our policy is reinforced by our material wealth and by our military power. Our policy is designed to serve mankind."

Did Neville Chamberlain serve in the british military in ww1?

yes he has. his wartime experiences formed him to follow the policy of appeasment as he was prime minister before WW2

What was the minimum age to serve the military?

To serve in the military you need to be 18 years old.

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where the jews forest to serve in to russin military in 20century

The practice of capturing sailors and forcing them to serve on a ship from another country was?


What are the reasons why people are joining the military?

The military is often seen as a sacrifice for a person's country of residence. A soldier willingly gives up a safer, easier lifestyle to protect their fellow citizens or to best serve their country's military needs. In most cultures, a soldier is an honorable profession, and soldiers are shown gratitude from the civilians of their respective countries.

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Like this: " I will serve you milk, with dinner". or " Will you serve in the military?"