What is the purpose of a capitol?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is where heads official government offices are located

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Q: What is the purpose of a capitol?
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What is the Capitol purpose of hosting the Hunger Games?

It is the Capitol's way of making sure all of the districts are in line and are behaved.

What is the purpose for the Hunger Games?

to provide an erotic show for the people of the capitol

Is Athens a capitol?

Yes, Athens is a capitol. If you redirect your butt to a map you will find it is the capitol of Greece...:)Athens is the capital of Greece. A capitol is a building or place which is the seat of Government. Consequently, although there is probably a building that fulfils this purpose in Athens, Athens itself is not a capitol. It is a capital.

Do all states have a capitol building?

Yes, all states do have a capitol building. Some are called State Houses but serve the same purpose.

What is the purpose of a Capitol One auto loan?

The purpose of a Capitol One auto loan is to allow one to borrow money to be able to purchase a vehicle. Capital One has auto loans for new and gently used vehicles.

What is a state capitol?

A state capital is a town where the state legislature and administration is largely based. A state capitol is the building in the capital city set aside for that purpose.

What is the purpose of capitol lighting?

The purpose of capitol lighting is to provide different types of lighting and decor to customers. Some of the lights they sell are: Ceiling lights, lamps, wall lighting, outdoor lights, ceiling fan, bulbs, home decor.

Does Capitol One offer a premium finance option?

No. This premium finance option is usually handled by another company. Capitol One does not lend funds for insurances such as life, etc. This is not the purpose of Capitol One. It is not a premium finance company.

What is the purpose of The Hunger Games?

The purpose of the book is to entertain readers. The purpose of the games within the book is so that the Capitol can get revenge on the Districts for their rebellion long ago.

Is Washington DC ever going to become a state?

No it will not become a state. DC was formed as the capitol of US for that purpose only.

What does the capitol building represent?

about 10,000,000 people visit the capitol building every year. Another thing is that the first capitol building wasnt actually in the u.s. it was in philidelphia

What is the purpose of the company Norcal?

Norcal companies are created on purpose to show that they have a source of income and also to run a bbuisness and live by its is a small scale developmental companies with low amount of capitol.