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Ohio river

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Q: What is the river dividing French and British territory?
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River dividing french and british territory?

The river dividing france and britian territories is the "Erie River"

What was the major reason for the French and Indian War?

The British wanted French territory (Ohio River Valley)

Why did the french fear british control over the Ohio river valley?

Both the French and the British are interested in fur trade. And also that the Ohio River Valley connects the Louisiana and the New France territory. If the British claim that land, then these two French territory will not be connected.

How far west did British territory extend after the end of the French and Indians war?

the answer is: Mississippi river. and your welcome!

Why did the french and the british believe they had claims to the Ohio river alley?

Both the British and French had troops and forts in The Ohio Territory. The British felt they owned everything. The French, who already settled areas in Canada, wanted to own more.

What natural feature marked the western boundary of british territory in north America after the french Indian war?

Mississippi River

Why was George Washington sent to deliver a message to the french in the Ohio river valley?

To stop the fighting between the French and the British for the unclaimed territory that is now Ohio.

Why did the french send troops to drive the British out of the Ohio valley?

The French came to the Ohio River Valley because it allowed them to control the Mississippi river and the valley offered a bountiful amount of fertile farmland which was not offered in their Quebec territory.

Who occupied the territory along the st. Lawrence river before the French and Indian War?

The French had occupied the territory

What natural feature help from the boundary between british and spanish territory in 1763?

The Ohio river

What is true regarding the french and Indian war?

False. It was fought between the British (who joined forces with the English/American colonists in the 13 colonies) and the French (who joined the Native Americans). It a war over the territory west of the Ohio River. It ended with the Treaty of Paris through which France granted most of the territory they had in Canada and east of the Mississippi River.

Who claimed the territory along the Ohio River?

the french