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Simple. There is no state rock of Virginia. A state fossil, yes (the fossil scallop, Chesapecten). A state rock, alas, no.

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Q: What is the state rock of Virginia?
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What is Virginia's state rock?

Virginia has no official rock or gemstone.

Virginia's state rock?

Virginia's state rock is Nelsonite, a igneous rock that contains ilmenite and apatite. It was designated as the state rock in 1992 due to its uniqueness and colorful appearance.

What is the state mineral of West Virginia?

The official state rock is coal.

What is the Virginia state rock?

Virginia has no official rock or gemstone. You might consider listing the official fossil which is Chesapecten jeffersonius which was given official status in 1993 by the legislature.

Is there a Hard Rock Cafe in Virginia?

As of March 2011, there is not a HRC in the state of Virginia. Closest one is Washington D.C.

What is West Virginia state gem?

West Virginia's state gem is the silicified Mississippian fossil coral, also known as Lithostrotionella, which was designated as the state gem in 1990.

What are some state parks in West Virginia?

Some of the 36 State Parks of West Virginia include Droop Mountain Battlefield as the first West Virginia State Park and: * Beartown * Blackwater Falls * Cacapon Resort * Chief Logan * Holly River * Lost River * Pinnacle Rock * Tygart Lake * Watoga,

Is Jamestown a state in Virginia?

No, Virginia is the state, Jamestown is a city in Virginia.

What is the state park for Virginia?

what is the state park in virginia

What is Virginia's state gemstone?

the ruby is Virginia's state [ just for a geuss] the ruby is Virginia's state [ just for a geuss]

What state is south of of Virginia?

The state south of Virginia is North Carolina.

Is Virginia a state or commonwealth?

It is a US state named "The Commonwealth of Virginia".