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Q: What is the term for blacks and whites together?
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What did hiram Rhodes revels argue in the senate?

That whites and blacks should live together.

What year did blacks n whites come together?

Was it The year 1969 That Black & Whites Come together.

What was UNIA objective?

To try and bring whites and blacks together

What was the effect of Jim crows laws?

they segregated blacks and whites.

What are 3 ways in which Jim crow states segregated blacks and whites?

Jim Crow separated blacks and whites by preventing them from going to school together and using the same public facilities such as restrooms. Blacks and whites had separate entrances to businesses and public transportation had separate sections for whites and blacks.

Why did martin Luther king Jr opintion about white people changed because?

He was tired of all the blacks and whites fighting and he wanted blacks and whites together

Did blacks and whites work together in US in 1960's?


What was drmartin Luther king dream?

that whites and blacks can sit together

Do blacks and whites sit together in prayer at Mecca?

yes now they do

What did the supr eme court rule about separate schools for whites and blacks?

The Supreme court decided that blacks and whites could go to school together. But, the whites didn't like that black children were going to the same schools as the whites.

What happened after the you have a dream speech?

laws were made so that blacks and whites could come together and go to the same school and could do things togetherb

What did Hiram argue for in the senate?

He argued that whites and blacks should work together.